complete bitumen logistics


We ensure that you will have your supply at your site in a timely manner, whenever and wherever you need it.
On-demand and just-in-time makes your business efficient. Our ultimate objective is to solve your problems.
We provide the desired product to you liquid and when and where you need it. We harmonize deliveres with your schedules.



Pörner Performance Bitumen is economic and logistics are efficient. Storage is also available (subject to negotiation). This means direct savings for your projects.
With Pörner Bitumen you can utilize the logistic advantages of the Original Pörner Bitumen Bag™ without getting directly involved.
One of the great benefits of the bag is that you can store the product easily and efficiently. We can take care of that for you.
Multiple advantages: fixed price and very efficient (long-term) storage.



Pörner is the bitumen specialist. We know bitumen and how to handle it. We even build the bitumen refinery plants. Thus, we control the entire supply chain, guaranteeing the highest quality for our clients.
For more than four decades, Pörner has built more than 45 bitumen production plant. A significant portion of the world's bitumen production comes out of Pörner plants. With our Biturox® process the finest grades are produced.
This all means that Pörner has control over the complete supply-chain: from production to packing, logistics, melting and supply to the final site.


We'll integrate our logistics into your existing process. You do not have to change your processes.
We'll supply you with your bitumen product in the specification, quality and condition whenever and wherever you need it.
We understand the implications of changing processes of your business. This is what we want to spare you doing. Just leave it to us and enjoy reliable supply of highest quality without worrying.


about pörner performance bitumen

Bitumen is the most versatile and qualified material for fast construction of long-life and inexpensive roads. The building industry is also a consumer of extra bitumen qualities used for insulation and roofing felts, construction coatings, bitumen emulsions etc. Bituminous binders of highest quality, as a component of road pavement formulations, need to meet all of the criteria listed above.

Biturox® Performance Bitumen Products help to create a world-wide network of perfect roads and help to protect people and property from rain and humidity.