Pörner Bitumen is a supplier of high-quality specification bitumen products of different grades, including Polymer-modified Bitumen Products.
As a market-leader in bitumen production and logistic we oversee the complete supply-chain, from production over logistics all the way to your final site.


Not only does Pörner Bitumen emphasize quality assurance in the entire supply-chain. Actually, Pörner has built the bitumen plants with the unique Biturox® technology. Therefore, we know what and how it is produced in these plants.

We guarantee that only a high-quality product according to your specification and order will end up in your hot-mix plant respectively tanks.


The Pörner Bitumen Bag™ is a self-stabilizing flexible container composed of an outer plastic bag with two shells and an inner liner. The bag is designed to carry up to 1.3 tons of road paving bitumen, taking into account the visco-elastic flow characteristics of bitumen at (solid) storage and transport conditions.
The innovative construction of the Bag has been developed and filed for patent by PÖRNER and is produced by world leading companies in industrial packing.

It is suitable for packing bitumen in liquid condition at an optimum product temperature. The inner liner bag is made of a melt-able plastic film. Bag volume and shape are designed for maximum loading of normal seagoing standard containers and road trucks. The bag is suitable for all climates and the storage time for filled bags is up to 12 months.


The Pörner Group offers the complete bitumen network at your fingertips. Because of our network of suppliers with Biturox® units, as well as Pörner Bitumen Bag Packing System we are able to provide the full bitumen supply chain to you, the end user.
We have partners in all levels of the bitumen industry so we are able to coordinate the entire process, from the production of quality bitumen, the cooling and transportation to your nearest port as well as the High Performance Melters to melt the bitumen in cold, solid state to liquid state, ready for use at your final site.


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